About Us

At SolveJob we focus on three main objectives: Corporate world readiness, Economic Development and Financial sustainability. We invest in cities where we have major operations, assisting those at a disadvantage by helping them build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

Success is dependent on the people around us. We at SolveJob ensure that the right kind of skill set is provided with the appropriate platform to shine, which in turn will drive success. SolveJob believes in the power of people and finds the best candidates to help companies and employees grow, perform and succeed.

We are part of an era of constant technological change, transforming rapidly the way we live, work and socialize. Technology is the invisible engine that powers the world around us. In a round-the-clock economy, companies and employees have varied requirements. The way companies work is changing and this influences the skills and talent that is required. Technology backed HR solutions are the need of the hour which is changing the way people connect to jobs and the role SolveJob plays in this space. Clients and candidates expect to be served anywhere, anytime.

SolveJob has been investing heavily in new technologies, making significant strides into the world of tech and recruitment procedure. SolveJob has a varied client base and leads across the spectrum of recruitment services. Innovative technology is necessary for connecting clients and candidates. In a fast changing digital world clients and candidates have time at a premium. It is here, at the intersection between technology and availability of time, where SolveJob distinguishes itself from its competitors by delivering a seamless and efficient service.

We at SolveJob understand that trust is enhanced by continuously striving for perfection, while simultaneously promoting the interests of all our clients and society as a whole. Living by these core values has provided us with a deep knowledge of clients and candidates. With this expansive knowledge of world requirements, we encourage candidates to realize their true potential and enable employers to sustain their success. Our values ensure that people are always at the heart of our process.